Tennessee Department of Transportation
Waste Characterization Profile
1) Description of waste and facility name(s)/location where waste is generated.
  Highway Marking Paint Clean-up Wastewater (WP-006)
  Tennessee Department of Transportation Facilities (state-wide)
2)  Listing of all products that constitute or potentially constitute the waste across TDOT facilities.
Note: Products listed with product codes were generated using inventory data in 2001.
3) Description of process generating the waste.
  This waste is generated during the cleanup of highway marking painting activities.
4)  Is the waste a hazardous waste ? Yes   No     
  If yes, hazardous waste code(s)
  Initial Characterization/Process Knowledge Yes  No    
  Re-characterization (process change) Yes   No     
  DOT Shipping Name:            
5) Determination memorandum: provides basis of determination, including MSDS, review of waste codes, and any analytical data.
  Data and/or memoranda are located in project files at TDOT Headquarters where available.
6) Special Information about this waste.
  The detection limits for two samples collected in the spring of 2002 were elevated because the samples were diluted to overcome interferences in the sample matrices. The only SVOCs with detection limits above the RCRA action level are 2,4,6-trichlorophenol, 2,4-dinitrotoluene, hexachlorobenzene, hexachloroethane, and nitrobenzene, which are not expected to be present because they are not used to formulate paints.