TDOT Waste Profile Information


Common Waste Streams

WP-003 Absorbents   WP-024 Used Oil (Recycled)
WP-026 Universal Waste Batteries   WP-029 Miscellaneous Non-hazardous Liquid Waste (paint, cleaners)
WP-033 Miscellaneous Non-hazardous Bulk Waste (asphalt, tires)   WP-038 Waste Phosphoric Acid Rust Inhibitor
WP-039 Miscellaneous Acid or Alkaline Waste   WP-040 Spray Can Residues
WP-046 Laundered Rags   WP-047 Activated Carbon Canisters from Spray Can Treatment
WP-055 Mixed Fuel Waste   WP-082 Drain Sludges
WP-092 Absorbent Containing Gasoline (WP-092)   WP-100 Non-Hazardous Petroleum Water Mixtures (WP-100)
WP-101 Non-Hazardous Paint Drum Liners (WP-101)   WP-103 Non-Hazardous Oil Filters and Punctured and Drained Aerosol Cans (WP-103)
WP-104 Non-Hazardous Used Gasoline Fuel Filters (WP-104)   WP-105 Non-Hazardous Spent Parts Washer Fluid (WP-105)
WP-106 Non-Hazardous Spent Antifreeze (WP-106)    


WP-021 Discarded Waste Adhesives and Glues    

Aerosol Wastes

WP-017 Partially Emptied Aerosol Cans, Discarded    


WP-032 Friable Asbestos    

Explosives & Flares

WP-044 Waste Road Flares   WP-045 Waste Explosives
WP-060 Outdated/Damaged Ammonium Nitrate Sticks (DOT Oxidizer)   WP-062 Waste Detonators


WP-027 Discarded RCRA-Hazardous Herbicides   WP-031 Special Waste Herbicides
WP-052 Waste 2,4,5-TP Herbicide   WP-070 Waste Unused Herbicide (D001 only)

Improperly Handled Universal Wastes

WP-028 Discarded Mercury-Containing Lamps   WP-041 Improperly Disposed Vehicle Lamps
WP-042 Disposed Circuit Boards    


WP-008 Asphalt Distillation Overhead Bottoms and Cleanup Waste (terpene hydrocarbon use)   WP-011 Spent Asphalt Extraction Solvent (terpene)
WP-087 Unused Laboratory Chemicals: Dangerous When Wet (WP-087)   WP-088 Unused Laboratory Chemicals: Oxidizing Solids (WP-088)
WP-089 Unused Laboratory Chemicals: Toxic Liquid (WP-089)   WP-090 Unused Laboratory Chemicals: Corrosive Solid (WP-090)
WP-096 Unused Laboratory Chemical Mercury (WP-096)   WP-097 Unused Laboratory Chemical Reactive Solid (WP-097)


WP-001 Spent Antifreeze   WP-002 Dip Type Carburetor Cleaner
WP-005 Brake Lathe Dust   WP-014 Sand-/Bead-blasting Residue
WP-016 Wastewater from Floor Washing   WP-030 Discarded Tire Weights
WP-053 Radiator Cleaner Flush Waste   WP-064 Waste Carboline
WP-065 Spent Sulfuric Acid from Vehicle Batteries   WP-071 Improperly Disposed Vehicle Batteries
WP-074 Sawdust Absorbent Contaminated with Kerosene and Oil   WP-083 Spent Abrasive Media and filters (WP-083)
WP-084 F002 Solvent (WP-084)   WP-085 Waste Carburator Cleaner (WP-085)
WP-undecided Spent Abrasive Media    


WP-058 Selenium and Toxaphene Contaminated Liquid   WP-063 Waste Unused Xylene
WP-066 Waste Carpet Dye   WP-078 Waste Tree-Killing Liquid
WP-079 Bulked Waste From Fairview Lot   WP-086 Mercury Spill Cleanup Materials (WP-086)
WP-093 Legacy waste, originating from the National Guard Armory (WP-093)   WP-094 Pentachlorophenol (WP-094)
WP-095 Unknown Waste Flammable Liquid (WP-095)   WP-099 F002 Debris (WP-099)

Oil Change Out

WP-022 Used Oil Contaminated with Listed Solvents   WP-035 Improperly Disposed Used Oil Filters

Paint & Cleaners

WP-006 Highway Marking Paint Clean-up Wastewater   WP-018 Spent Cleaning Solution from Spray Tip Cleanup- Actisol
WP-020 Spent Solvent from Spray Tip Clean-up (non-hazardous detergent)   WP-043 Waste Paint from Bridge Painting or Highway Marking (Non-latex)
WP-049 Flammable Waste Paint (D001 only)   WP-050 Flammable Paint Cleanup Solvent (D001 only)
WP-051 Waste Unused MEK Peroxide   WP-054 Waste Diisocyanate (urethane catalyst)
WP-057 Unused Flammable Cleaning Solvent   WP-059 Spent Thinner Containing Listed Solvents
WP-069 Spent Thinner (from cleanup of metal-bearing paints)   WP-073 Waste Thinner Contaminated with Aerosol Residues
WP-075 Waste Unused Thinner (Toluene, IPA, MIBK)   WP-077 Waste Unused Paint Stripper (containing methylene chloride)
WP-080 Paint Booth Filters   WP-102 Non-Hazardous Extraction Fluid (WP-102)

PCB Determination

WP-081 Air Compressor/ Hydraulic Lift Lubricants    


WP-013 Disposable Rags    


WP-036 Waste Screen Printing Inks   WP-091 Waste Screen Printing Solids (WP-091)


WP-076 Lead and Oil Contaminated Soil    

Solvent Type Waste

WP-009 Asphalt Distillation Overhead/Bottoms and Cleanup Waste (TCE)   WP-010 Spent Asphalt Extraction Solvent TCE
WP-012 Spent Parts Washer Solvent   WP-019 Spent F005 Solvent Toluene
WP-023 Spent F003/F005 Solvent (methyl ethyl ketone, methyl isobutyl ketone, toluene, xylene, methanol) from screen printing   WP-048 Spent Denatured Alcohol
WP-056 Spent Terpene Solvent (D001)   WP-061 Washer Solvent Contaminated with Listed Solvents
WP-068 Waste Unused Toluene   WP-072 Waste Toluene Diisocyanate
WP-098 F002 Solvent Waste (WP-098)    


WP-025 Universal Waste Mercury-containing Lamps    


WP-004 Waste Water from Truck and Equipment Cleaning   WP-015 Oil Water Separator Sludge from Wash Racks